KingSong16 Expand




Weight 16.8 Kg
Size 50 x 46 x 19.6 (cm)
Speed 30 Km/h*
Range 50-60 Km*
Full charge time 4 Hours
Max Load 120 Kg
Motor Power 3000 W
Rated motor power 800 W
Battery 340-680Wh 
Lithium tyre 16"

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1 500,00 €

What is speed to you? To us, it's a symbol of urban liberation that helps escape dull and tiring ways to commute. Kingsong KS16-a is an electric unicycle that offers a full-range door to door solution to these problems. 16-inch wheel inside facilitates all-terrain riding experience, whilst 340wh/680wh battery ensures you always have enough charge for hours of riding. Equipped with front and back intellectual lights, this Kingsong model helps your safety during the dark times of the day. The sustainable motor power of 800W delivers outstanding smoothness of the ride. Being one of the heavier models with the weight of 16.8kg, Kingsong KS16-a has a trolley handle for easy transportation. Great option for experiencing limitless capabilities of the hardware.